Surgically altered

I had my surgery last Tuesday (February 7th), it was called a laproscopic bilateral salpingo oopherectomy. Basically they made a hole in my belly button and put a camera in it, made two holes on the sides of my lower abdomen and used them to insert tools to remove and chop up my ovaries and Fallopian tubes, and then put a little baggie through a hole in my bikini line, dropped the ovaries and tubes into the little baggie, and pulled it back out. Obviously all this was done when I was asleep!

In most ways it was very similar to my last surgery. By the time I went to the operating room I was tired and hungry; I wasn’t scared though because I’ve done it before, I was actually eager to get that IV and go to sleep, because I knew when I woke up it would be over. Three hours after I went in, I woke up and it was over. I was home by dinner, tired but not in pain. 

The next few days were very difficult. Unlike my breast surgery, this surgery did come with a fair amount of pain. The incisions were painful, particularly the one in my belly button because every movement involves the belly button! The other thing that was painful was the gas and swelling in my stomach, evidently they pumped it with gas to better see my organs and chop them off. Because everyone kept telling me how easy and minor laparoscopic surgery is, and because my last surgery was not painful, I really didn’t expect to have pain. I wouldn’t say the pain was horrible, but I was definitely very uncomfortable for a couple days, and moderately uncomfortable for a couple more days. Sunday was the first day that I didn’t really feel much abdominal discomfort, and today was the first day that I had enough energy to do anything more than walk around the neighbourhood (which I have been forcing myself to do for the last couple days, because I know it’s good for me to move around). 

Weirdly, the only area I still have much pain is a cut above my belly button incision, that was not caused by the surgery at all but by a dressing that was badly applied and dug into my skin, causing something similar to a bad paper-cut! The rest of my abdomen still hurts if I move the wrong way, but it’s much better than it was. 

Tomorrow will be one week since the surgery, and I suspect that I will have a lot more energy then. That’s what happened after my last surgery, and so far the anesthesia fog has been the exact same…and I assume I’ve turned a corner. 

As for menopause symptoms, I’ve been told that they won’t be much different than when I was taking the shots that put me in menopause, and I hope that’s true. So far I haven’t noticed much difference! 

The bad thing about me being home and bored is… shopping! I bought two pairs of short boots (One from Amazon the other in person at Sears today, both Fergalicious brand) and two handbags from Aldo online:

What I don’t show on Facebook

I was talking to a friend today about Facebook, and about the way how things look on Facebook are the way they really are. Obviously this is nothing new, but I thought it would be interesting to share some of what you don’t see on my Facebook, which is full of cute pictures and good times with friends and family.

What I don’t show on Facebook:

-that I am lucky if I manage to exercise once a week, often I don’t even do that, the stamina just isn’t there. I used to exercise every day, and it breaks my heart that I no longer can. I do walk everyday, because usually it’s all I can do (which is why I’m obsessed with my Fitbit steps). 

-That I make excuses for anything I am invited to in the evenings, I do not have the energy or stamina to do anything besides coming home from work, taking care of my family, doing laundry and dishes and dealing with dinner, going for a little walk or catching a yoga class on (rare) occasion, and going to bed.

-That I used to stay up until 11 or 1130 every night, now I am usually in bed by 10, sometimes earlier, often before my children are asleep. My husband and I no longer enjoy time together in the evenings before we go to sleep the way we used to, you can get your head out of your gutter I also mean watching Netflix or just having time for long talks!

-That I am always tired, even when I get eight or nine hours of sleep a night.

-That those pictures that show my family having fun at events and activities, they aren’t like they used to be. I often have to nap before and after the fun, drink way more coffee than I should, and usually Adam drives. In the past I was always the driver in our family, now I don’t have the energy to both drive and participate.

-That every night, before I go to sleep, I do an inventory of every part of my body and every ache and pain. Wondering if each one is getting better, or worse, if it’s coming or going, if it’s an indication of cancer to be found. 


I saved enough points for the Nella Bella London bag I wanted.

It’s so cute and versatile

A simple shoulder bag, with or without a chain:

A little evening bag, clutch:

Put them together (I don’t love this but it would be great for long days at court, travelling, etc…).

It also comes with a long canvas strap to use it crossbody, which is likely only use for the airport.

I went to court today, loved my outfit (top from Dynamite, skirt from H&M, Aritzia scarf)

Paid special attention to my eye makeup, just because:




The cold shoulder

Two things I have noticed are in fashion this winter that I don’t really understand or cold shoulder tops, and short boots. 

Of course short boots have been in for a while, but I noticed the other day at the mall that loads of women were wearing them… generally I notice them in the spring and fall, but in the winter high boots rule. That seems to be changing, particularly when there isn’t a lot of snow. 

Tops with cut out shoulders have been a thing for a while now, but mostly in the warmer seasons. This fall and winter I’ve noticed that they are still in, that seems weird to me because…winter. 

Tonight we went out for dinner to celebrate my mother’s birthday, I decided I may as well rock what’s in, in spite of the cold weather. 

(The leggings are fake leather, from Dynamite. A friend of mine has a pair like these from Aritzia she wears often, I always like the way they look so I decided to get a more affordable alternative for myself. Love them!) 


Zoë and I  are now both addicted to the store Dynamite!

Last weekend we attended my cousin’s son’s bar mitzvah, my blouse and Zoe’s entire outfit are from…you got it… Dynamite!

Adding a family picture, just because: 

Then, this week I picked up this blouse, I absolutely adore both the pattern and the nifty cut out straps. I did need to size up because the straps pulled a bit across my chest, but that’s OK because I love it and got lots of compliments!

I’ve got a wish-list: