Well, I did it.

I woke up at 5:15, made it downtown for 7, and walked 5k (on an empty stomach. I tried to eat breakfast before I left home, but it was too early and I just couldn’t). Actually, I walked/jogged 5k. I jogged about 1/3 to 1/2 of it…so I am pretty proud of that since I let myself get so out of shape all summer, and just started seriously exercising again a few weeks ago. My time was 50 minutes so I came in at about the middle of the 5k group.

5k was really very doable, and I could have done 2-3 times that. I am not so sure about how I will manage the 60k  walk next September though!!! Oh well, I have a year to train and that wont be running at all…though I am hoping to do today’s again next year and jog the whole thing!!!

Thanx to all the readers that sponsored me!!! You guys are the greatest!!!

The sad part of the event, we saw this. It was very upsetting (so much so I blocked it from my mind when I was first posting). I have him on my mind and hope he is okay.

I’m going to bed now…

UPDATE: He’s gone.


7 thoughts on “Well, I did it.

  1. Hooooooray for you!!! You toally rock! :) Hey, if you ever want to go apple picking…come to our place! We’ve got a few acres you can pick from! ;)

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