5k done…and it was awesome!!!

It was awesome!! I ran the whole thing and I beat my personal best time by 3 minutes, my unofficial time was just under 32 minutes!! It was so awesome…the only downer was that I was alone but luckily the woman who parked next to me was also alone, so we walked in together, and I found her after the race and we walked out together. She was really an inspiration…started running when she was 50, and now at 52 she has run a half marathon (though she prefers the shorter runs. I hear that a lot…that it stops being fun when you start training for long runs). Anyways, she made great time (27 minutes), and was so fit and youthful. I have to admit I have been feeling a bit old to just now start running and seriously getting in shape…but she reminded me that even though I am closer to middle aged than my teens, I still have years of being youngish and enjoying life ahead of me!!

Here are some pics:

The runners ahead of me. I started next to the one in the high socks…and finished ahead of her. Every-time I saw someone stop to walk (she did) I said to myself “walking is for p*s*ies” and kept running! I don’t really feel that way by the way, and am quite sure I will be walking a lot during my 10k in October…but someone said it to me once, and it sure does motivate me to keep running. Even though I do run 5k regularly, this was my first time running more than 3.5k in the morning, under the sun and on an almost empty stomach (when I run at night I feel like I am full of fuel from a day of eating) and I sure felt it…but “walking is for p*s*ies” was my mantra so I kept running.

Here is my first glimpse of the finish line, and not a minute too soon…I snapped this picture, then booked it!

I did not get a picture of myself since there was nobody to take it (there may be one on the race site later though, I’ll let you know if there is)….but I kept my bib on all the way home (even when I stopped at the bank) so my man could take (a very unflattering) one:

UPDATE: The results are in. My official time was 32:25:07 (which tells me my iPhone app is a bit off, since it put me at just under 32 minutes). I placed 130/267 participants total, 39/81 for my age group (30-39) which I think it pretty awesome for my first race!!!


5 thoughts on “5k done…and it was awesome!!!

  1. You did it!! that is fantastic- you pretty much came in exactly in the middle. That is awesome for your very first run!
    I promise to run the next one with you! but you better keep calling to get me out running more often!

  2. Hi, I’ve seen your comment on Allie’s log and found so interesting that you were also from Canada and Toronto of all places :)
    Just read a couple of posts but can relate with being 30+, a mom and trying to better my life.(although I couldn’t run half of what you do :) )
    Nice to meet you.

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