The Bikini Chronicles

I fondly remember wearing a Bikini on my honeymoon. Once. I did not really consider myself bikini worthy in those days…but it was my honeymoon…so I did it:

After my honeymoon were 8 decidedly (or so I thought) non-binkini worthy years. Then, earlier this summer, I tried a bikini on a whim, just to see. Though I was not going to turn any heads, I was pleased with the results. I did not look any worse than I did in a one piece or tankini, and the support was nice:

nice enough that I bought a new one for Muskoka:

Which I felt comfortable enough in to buy one more, which I got online since it is by my favorite bra company (Panache). It did not fit well when it came a month or so ago. I tried it again today since we are swimming later and my tankinis are now all looking awful on me:

Now, I know most people would still not consider me bikini worthy. I say they can kiss my flabby butt! I may not have killer abs or buns of steel…but there is nothing about me that needs to be hidden, and I can quite honestly say that even though a bikini may show more of my not so perfect figure, it is no less flattering than the dumpy looking tankinis I was wearing…and is a lot more comfortable!

Why am I posting these pictures? certainly not to show off. I am proud of myself…but I know that I am still not rocking a body worthy of showing off. I guess because I think confidence is pretty sexy too…and I am hoping by showing you all (well, all of you that have my password) my imperfect body, and how great it looks (with a side order of confidence) I can inspire other women of “imperfect” shapes and sizes to be proud of what they’ve got (especially if they’ve worked for it!! A size 10 may be big to a lot of people…but I worked for this size 10 and I am proud of it!!), and that flattering, stylish…revealing…things can be found for many shapes and sizes!

If any of my readers are more plus sized than me (my Bikinis are not plus sized, they are large cup though), and wondering where to find a bikini…check out this ETSY shop. The bathing suits are so cute, and the pictures are yet another reminder of how sexy and cute confidence and a nice bathing suit can be!


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