I did it…again!

Official chip time was 31:36.4! Yeah. I did not get to 30 minutes, but I did beat my previous 5k personal best by almost a minute, and am pleased with that! Gaviesgal and I made it to the starting line with time to spare, and she did a great job, just over 32 minutes…almost a match for my first 5k race time!  I placed 103/377 for my category (women 35,-39), 674/2869 out of all the women, and 1306/4268 out of all participants. That is not quite as great as it sounds though…since this event has a large charity component, and there are loads and loads and loads of walkers. I am sure I would not have placed nearly as high had it all been runners. But still…I am happy! The event was so busy, but also great fun and, as always, I felt a great sense of satisfaction and wellbeing at the end.

Gaviesgal and I before the race.

The finish line.

Lunch afterwards was bibim-bap. Since she and I both lived in Korea in the past, lunch here was a special treat.

Later on my family went to a Sukkot party. I wore my new boots, black leggings and a brown h&m sweater dress.

Since we would be outdoors, I added a black jacket and cream pashmina scarf. Loved this look!


One thought on “I did it…again!

  1. wow i’m impressed you went out tonight!! I haven’t been able to walk properly since i got home! My ankles are killing and have a nasty headache (even after taking 4 Tylenols)
    Love the new boots!!

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