Yup, after 5 months of training, I have finally gotten to the other side of the OasisZoo 10k! I am so happy. I did it with a chip time of  1:05:23.7.  My last 10K race was not timed officially, but I did it in around 1:08…so I killed that. I was aiming for 1:15 (since I had heard this route was very difficult and hilly and thought I’d have to walk a little) so I killed that too. I ran the whole damn thing, and even though I think it was hillier than anything I have ran before, it was not nearly as awful as I had expected, and the nice cool weather really helped. I am actually giving strong consideration to doing a 1/2 marathon next year…likely if I do it will be the Soctiabank since it is in October next year, so it’ll likely be cool, plus I will have lots of comfortable fall weather to train in. Anyways, not a decision I have to make now…however seeing how much easier it has become for me to run 10k (I was not even “done” today when I finished, I could have easily gone 1-2 more kilometers) is making me think maybe a half isn’t as unreachable as it seems. After all, a year ago I would never, ever have believed I could possibly run 10k (and neither would anyone who knows me…c’mon, admit it!).

I did not do as well in standings as in the past timed runs I have done, both of which were 5ks in which I was in the top half of the total participants, my gender, and my category. That is okay though…I have to remember they were 5ks. 5ks attract a lot of walkers, and new runners. 10ks are different. Very few people walk a 10k, and generally it is more experienced runners that go for the 10ks, especially one that has a reputation for being tough like this one (my neighbor, who regularly runs 10ks, chose to do the 5k in this race since he had heard it was a tough one…so it is not just me who says it!). Anyways, my standings were: 1352/2033 participants, 768/1311 women, and 133/233 women 35-49. So yeah, no top half…but I will still far from the last one!

Getting the kids out of the house at 7:15am was a bit rough, but we made it in perfect time. Having them there was amazing. I loved seeing them cheering near the finish line, and finding them and being with them when I was done. It was really, really amazing.

Here are some pics of me and the girls before the run, a picture I took of the beautiful trees around 5k, and all of us at the end. Excuse the horrible hair and t-shirt. The fact that it is a size too big (since I registered so long ago) and a very light color make it particularly unflattering!


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