2, 2011…party X 2!!!!

The last few days have been big ones! Firstly, My little baby turned 2 on Thursday! She has proven t recently with full blown dramatic tantrums…and also with loads of conversations, and her sweet, stubborn, and affectionate personality which is emerging more and more every day!!

I had to work on her birthday, but she had a blast making cupcakes with her sister and grandmother:

and then we had a fun family dinner out:

Ahh…memories…here she was, 2 years ago, straight outta mommy:
DSC01921.jpg picture by botterflylover

and on her first birthday:

last night was New Years Eve…we were all asleep by midnight, but had a fun early evening full of eating, drinking (a  bit), laughing and watching the kids have fun at gaviesgal’s place:

Because the friends we usually celebrate NYE with were unable to last night, we are having another NYE party tonight!! Yeah us…two nights of merriment!!!

I always like to do New Years Resolutions. Although I know it is sorta silly, and I usually only actually achieve one or two and pass the rest along…it is still a good time for me to reflect on the year that has passed, and the year ahead. Here are my hopes for myself for 2011:

1) Keep off the weight I lost in 2010 (how nice to not have losing weight as a goal for once…if I can stay as I am now for a year, I’ll be very pleased!)

2) Eat more fruits and vegetables and protein.

3) Be kinder and more patient with my kids.

4) Run a half marathon in 2011.

5) Be more appreciative of my husband, and show it.

6) Make more time for friends and family I neglect.

7) Cut my debt in half.

8) Spend less time on the internet, and more time with people (or working productively!)

okay…8 IS enough!!!


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