The second new years eve

New Years Eve… the sequel took place Saturday night. We left the kids with our friend’s teenagers, and started off the evening with 8 other couples at a local pub where I made the very unhealthy choice of nachos for dinner.

I was, however, spared the greasy cheesy goodness due to a call from the sitters around 8pm…my little Charlotte would not stop crying. They had tried music, blanky, chips and chocolate to no avail.

After briefly considering suggesting they try Zinfandel, I reluctantly dragged myself back to the house to hang with my kids and approximately 72 teenagers to wait for the adults.

It was sweet to have Charlotte in my arms, runny nose buried in my neck, sniffling “Charlotte miss mommy, mommy all gone” over and over…for about 3 minutes, at which point she miraculously cheered up and began demanding candy.

All’s well that ends well though, and by 10pm the adults were all back and we were enjoying treats, wine and balderdash while the kids and teens played Wii and Charlotte entertained us all with her antics.

I wore my fabulous purple Anthroplogie sweater with jeans, and my new pearls (which changed configurations multiple times over the evening) and even did some smokey eyes for the occasion.

In other news, I made my first ever meatloaf for dinner last night.

Okay, so not so loaf-like, but it tasted great!!


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