New jeans!!!

Black old navy sweater, red tank top, red boots, cheap rhinestones necklaces…and brand-new Mavi skinny jeans!

After practically living in two pairs of cheap Old Navy skinny jeans for several months now, I finally decided that I was comfortable enough in skinny jeans to invest in a good pair. I love these jeans, they are so soft and comfortable. As an added bonus, they are a size I have not been in since I was in my 20s.

I have heard that next fall and winter wide leg jeans will be in again, though. I hope that is not true, or at least that even if they are in, skinny jeans are not out. Who wants to wear wide leg jeans in the snow anyways?


4 thoughts on “New jeans!!!

  1. Aww thanx ladies!!

    Leslie, I am absolutely not skinny…but I am in good enough shape to look skinny in picture (and maybe a bit in person), in the right clothes and poses LOL.

    I am just out of “overweight” according to the BMI charts. According to my Wii fit, I am still overweight! I hate the Wii fit!

    I guess you’re gonna get a bit big, eh Leslie!!! Ah well, 3 little bundles of joy will be worth it!!!

    • Jill I’ve been very fortunate to not struggle with my weight except for a few years during university. Now I am struggling to eat way more than I am used to and to gain some weight. All of this has made me realize that even though I am thin, I was definitely not eating healthy enough.

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