Fish taco…not the dirty kind

A few weeks ago I heard about something called fish tacos. No, not the dirty kind you can read about on urban dictionary…but actual tacos…with fish. Ever since I heard about this, I have been obsessed with trying it. So on Monday night, I did.

It is my understanding that fish tacos are supposed to be served not with a regular taco toppings, but rather with coleslaw or cabbage, and some sort of white sauce. I knew this would not work for me for two reasons. Firstly, I hate cabbage and coleslaw. Secondly, I knew that Zoë would want to have regular tacos, due to her hate of all fish that is not salmon, and I did not think that cabbage or coleslaw would work with the normal meat…make that fake meat …taco filling. So I decided to risk offending the fish taco experts and make my fish tacos just like regular old Mexican tacos, with fish.

I was planning to use tilapia, but then realized I only had sole. So what I did was I brushed the sole with some egg white, and then dredged it through a mixture of breadcrumbs and taco seasoning. I then panfried the pieces on each side for 5 minutes and cut them into strips that would fit well into taco shells.

For toppings I offered shredded cheddar cheese, guacamole, salsa, tomatoes and lettuce, and fat free ranch sauce. I skipped the tomatoes and lettuce in my fish tacos, and used cheese and guacamole and ranch sauce. They were absolutely delicious! Fish tacos now rule my world! The fish is also pretty yummy on its own, so I kept one piece to eat with rice for lunch the next day.


One thought on “Fish taco…not the dirty kind

  1. hi jill! fish tacos are san diego’s unofficial dish, made famous by Rubio’s (based on tacos served in San Felipe in Mexico). if you make it again, try it with soft corn tortillas. :)

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