Project panty

As you may remember, my new project is to replace my mismatched ratty bras and panties with matching sets. Not all of them (blog hyperbole!) but I am buying panties to match the bras I already have (if available, and the bra is in good condition) and buying some sets. I have always LOVED matching sets, but until recently did not know pretty ones were available in my size. Well I did, but only at boutiques ($$$). Now that I have discovered the makes and cuts that work for me, I am buying online for very cheap (about 40$ a set, versus about 200$ a set if I bought at a local boutique-I looked last week)….so I am working on this project, one set a paycheck!

Since, FTMP,  I need new bras and panties anyways (my current panties are all too big and saggy on me, plus the type I wore when I was bigger are not flattering anymore, and most of the bras in my rotation are pre-pregnancy with Charlotte, so very stretched out and worn), it is not new expense.

BTW, the lingerie thing isn’t for my man. Many days he does not even see what lingerie  I wear, since I often get dressed while he is having breakfast or in the shower, and often work out later in the day (and he is not usually in the room when I change to my workout stuff). By the time I get to bed, I am just in my pajamas.

It is for me. I love the way I look/feel in nice, matching lingerie. It is like painted nails. I love having my nails always painted. It is just a little thing that makes me feel so…put-together even if nobody else notices or cares.

I wanted to share some of my favorite new sets (not on me, of course):

Actually, posting pictures of women in lingerie seems weird…so I’ll post links instead:











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