1) I have tonsillitis. I got it last week, went to the clinic, and was given 7 days of antibiotics. I told the doctor I need 10 days to kill it, but she knew better than I did about my recurrent infection I have been dealing with multiple times a year since I was about 25…so…12 hours after I finished my last dose, the infection came back. I am now sicker than ever, with aches, fever, and the sorest throat I have ever, ever had, making it difficult to get the rest I need. I was in so much pain I even tried gargling Whiskey yesterday, which must be the vile-est thing I have ever, ever done. It did not help. What does help is ice cream. I wish I had the energy to go buy frozen yogurt, at least it would have less fat and calories…

2) I am sick of everyone telling me to get my tonsils out. It is not as easy as it might seem. Firstly, it means taking time to see my family doctor, and get a referral to an ENT. Then, it requires the ENT agreeing to do the surgery, which is hard for an adult to do. I tried this several years ago, and the ENT flat-out refused. Said I should gargle Hydrogen peroxide daily, which I have done ever since, and has brought my tonsillitis attacks from 5-6 a year down to 2-3 a year. I’M PRETTY SURE i’D HAVE TO LET IT GET BACK UP TO 5-6 TIMES A YEAR TO HAVE A DOCTOR (SORRY, CAPS LOCK…) consider taking them out, and I am not doing that. Even if I do get an ENT to agree to the surgery, there would still be a wait. Also, I am terrified of the surgery. I know that sounds wimpy, but I am. I have never had any surgery, ever, not even my wisdoms removed. So yeah, my fear might be nutty, but it is very real. I have heard HORRIBLE things about recovery from adult tonsillectomy. I know one women how had it done, and had a Hysterectomy. She said the Tonsillectomy was way worse. Also, I think I’d have to wean Charlotte. I just hate nursing when I’m sick. Last night she kept wanting to nurse. I was so tired and achy and she wouldn’t stop. I was on the verge of throwing her off the bed. At one point, I started crying. So I figure I’ll really hate nursing while recovering from surgery. Don’t even try to tell me she is old enough to wean anyways, unless you want a virtual shoe thrown at your head. I know that, but she is very attached to nursing, I don’t mind it (except when I am sick) and weaning would require a lot of screaming and crying I do not want to deal with when I still don’t mind nursing. I know most people don’t get that…but it how nursing works for me. Though I suppose (hope) by the time I saw a doctor to get a referral, saw an ENT, got approval for the surgery, and got to the surgery…she’d already be weaned (or much more wean-able).

3) I miss work. I have missed 5 days in the past 2 weeks, am falling behind, and worry I look bad for missing so much work…but there is no way I could or should be there right now. I am dealing with a few phone calls and e-mails from home…but still.

4) I also miss exercise. I have finally gotten back to some quality running (went 6k Sunday!) and hate not being able to continue after waiting so long for my hip and the weather to be good for running (though it did snow yesterday!). I bought another Spynga pass last week, and hate that it is going unused. The fact that I am being about as active as a slug and living on ice-cream has me extra concerned about the lack of exercise…however, just walking up the stairs leaves me dizzy and exhausted.

5) Completely unrelated to my illness, but is anyone else sick of being asked to vote for things on-line? I hate these requests, and always ignore them. Here is why; The point of contests is supposed to be for the cutest picture/best story/ etc…etc…to win a prize. But these days, contests are won not by who has done the best at the task that is being voted on, but by who knows and connects to the most voters. I hate that…I always want to go to the link and then vote for the person I truly think is most deserving, instead of the person I know. I never do that though…because instead of it bringing contests back to their true purpose, it would just make my friend less likely to win…since all the contestants are doing the same thing. So, I just ignore the requests. But frankly, I am getting sick of them. I wish there was a way for such contests to be subjective…for voters to not know who they are voting for, and just vote for who they feel is most deserving of a prize. Instead, it is just one more way that life continues to be a big popularity contest.


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