After trying Shellac 3 times, and Gelish once, I decided to give OPI’s answer to gel polishes, Axxium, a try. Mostly because they offer it in one if my fave shades; I’m not really a waitress.

I had it done at my favorite nail place, Nails a la Mode, for 20$. (they do Shellac for 17$, BTW, best price around!!).

The application process is the same as the others: base, 2 coats of gel colour (Axxium is in a pot instead of a typical polish bottle), and a top coat. UV light between each layer and at the end if the process. Shiny, perfectly dry nails when you walk out the door.

My nails look fab (super shiny), although I am a bit disappointed that the shade is not as deep as I remember, more pink than red. As for the lasting power, time will tell and so will I. I cannot remember if I updated on Gelish or not but if not…it lasted 2 weeks beautifully, just like Shellac.



2 thoughts on “Axxium

  1. Talk to me more about this and shellac.

    I’m not a high-maintenance type and usually only bother with a mani-pedi 1x/year, but we’re going to Israel for dd#1’s Bat Mitzvah and I’d like us all to get manis that are guaranteed to last for 2 weeks without chips.

    • It is great. I love the Shellac brand…I don’t touch it for 2 weeks, and it always looks awesome. The Axxium did not last well…started chipping within a week, and then I was able to just peel it all off. Do the Shellac!

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