Wednesday rocked

Wednesday was rainy on and off, but we made the most of it!

In the morning, Charlotte and I took a trip to Zellers and picked up some food and this, which we may never finish:

And spent some time chilling in the room:

Eventually, we made our way down to the waterfront, and Adam fit in a little jog on the way:

Between rain showers, Zoë finally got to go waterskiing, which was what she’s been waiting for!

Look, I got a video:

I tried to pet this duck, and it bit me!!

After my swim,  we went into town and had a yummy meal at 3 Guys and a Stove. The kids had boring kids meals, Adam had the most delicious squash soup:

And pasta shells:

And I had salmon:

The kids and I could not finish our dinner, but that was okay. It all got eaten:

The girls have been sleeping together, and it has been going so much better then anticipated:

I did hear a lot of grumbling last night, and figured out why this morning:


2 thoughts on “Wednesday rocked

  1. Three Guys and a Stove in the best! Did you love their kids’ menu, which actually features stuff that isn’t just deep-fried crap?

    That and Danny’s Justa Pasta in Sundridge (about 20 min north on Hwy 11) are amazing – non-pretentious, kid-friendly restaurants in the middle of nowhere that are actually GOOD.

  2. Yes, we love it. Went there last year too. My kids are not great eaters though…and still got the pizza and the pasta with parmesan cheese. They were both sick of French fries and got decent sides though. We’ll keep Danny’s in mind for next summer.

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