Ouchy finger and other stuff

Wow, I sure have neglected this blog except for pictures of my trip, hey?

So here’s an update.

Since we got home, Charlotte has been grumpy and feverish. I am pretty sure she is teething. This morning, I asked if I could check her teeth, and she told me I could. Then, when I put my finger in her mouth, she bit down. She bit hard. She bit my finger for about 2 min., and would not let go no matter what I said or did. I finally yanked my finger out, by this point I was crying and she was laughing. When she saw how upset I was, she started crying too. What was she crying about? Her finger wasn’t bruised and aching!

My half marathon training is going great! I am now going into the fourth week of training. I do two short runs, and one long run a week. Yesterday was my long run, it was 8 km. I have run farther than that, but not much, and not very often on my own. I did it, but it was hard. It was mostly hard because I did it yesterday afternoon between thunderstorms. I do not like exercising the afternoon, since I am always sleepy. I do much better either in the morning after breakfast or in the evening sometime between dinner and bedtime. It was also hard because it was very humid out, even though it was not too hot. It took me 58 min., which is a tad slow for me, but I was just happy to be done! I also have to keep in mind that the long runs are for distance, not speed. I can work on my speed during the short runs, but the only goal of the long runs is to get through them, no matter how long it takes. I think my next long run is 10 km. Eventually, my training runs will get up to 10 miles, or 16 km. I am trying to remain positive that I can do this, but sometimes I really doubt it. It just seems so far. I drive 20 km to work, and it is hard to imagine that I will be able to run that distance. I keep pushing though, other people have done it…lots of other people…so I can too! Right?!?

Today is my first day back at work after three weeks off. I love my job, but even so, it’s still hard to go back to work. I am now used to sleeping in and doing what I want with my days. I really wish I could’ve slept in today, since Charlotte did not sleep very well last night at all. Anyways, I am looking forward to getting back to work. I guess, just not the having to be there part of it. Does that make sense? I like doing my job, but I don’t like having to do my job.

I do have something to look forward to though. One of my favorite yoga instructors is coming back to the studio, and I’m going to class tonight. I haven’t practiced with her in a long time, and I’m really really looking forward to it! My body is too, I am still achy from all the swimming and hilly runs last week!

In other good news, I’m happy to say I did not gain any weight on my vacation. I did not watch what I ate very well at all, and had a lot more treats than I should have. I actually ordered okay for myself usually but picked a lot at the kids grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza, french fries, Caesar salads, and desserts. I also did not put any thought to what I ate on the nights that we had our good dinners out. I was pretty active, but I was still concerned that I gained weight. This morning I weighed myself, and it’s all good! Nice to know I can spend a week on vacation, enjoy some yummy meals and snacks that I would usually try to avoid, and not undo all my hard work.


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