Woot for another 10k done, and some PRs!!!

I got a bit more sleep than last night (went to sleep at 11, woke at 6:10am) and was all bright eyed and bushy tailed for the 10k. Adam took a picture. I made him. Lululemon Cool Racerback Tank, Lululemon running skirt…I forget which style, but I think they no longer sell it anyways.

I took a picture of this sign at around 9k. It was true, because it was right around then that my calf and IT band started aching. Not a lot, but enough for me to know where I’d better aim to stretch and strengthen and protect better. Mostly though, I felt good. No hip or ankle problems. I paced myself well, and was a bit tired around 7-8k, and got my energy back near the end, to book it through the finish line. I was sure to run straight, fast, and smiling past the photographers, so hopefully some of the official pictures will be worth posting. Though I sorta doubt it…

My chip time (my personal time from start to finish based on a ship that starts and stops timing at the lines) was 1:04:51 My prior 10k best (last year’s Oasis ZooRun, I ruined my Sporting Life run time with my little fall) was 1:05:23 so today was a record for me. I also peeked at my time at 5k, and hit it right around 31 minutes…so also a record. Not as fast as I’d like though. I would really love to hit 30 minutes for 5k, and 60 minutes for 10k…but this summer my work has all been on distance not speed, so I guess the fact that I am not getting (much) faster is to be expected. Maybe next year I’ll do the same runs, and focus on speed (except if I do the half again. I have a feeling anytime I do a half, all that will matter to me is doing it. There is no way in hell I can run 21k and worry for even a moment about how fast I can do it.) Although today’s run was great, it also left me wonder how I will possibly manage to run twice this distance (and a bit) in 7 weeks?!? It feels impossible right now. But, my first 5k all running (remember I walked one once?) race was almost exactly a year ago, and 10k felt impossible then…so…onward and upward!

I’ve read a few articles (I can no longer find) about how much people love finishers medals, and get angry if only the people who “place” get medals. Eh, I don’t care. Probably because as soon as I get home from a race (or before, if my family is with me) my kids start fighting over the medal. Then, within 32 seconds of the completion of complicated and possibly violent negotiations, the medal is dropped and forgotten somewhere by the triumphant victor…never to be seen again. So, here is a picture of my medal, before it disappears into the vortex of lost finisher’s medals:


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