It’s Saturday, and this week has sorta sucked…

1) I found out about a new recording policy at work that is gonna make my job quite a bit tougher. No details…but I am stressed about this.

2) Charlotte has had a fever since Monday night. I have not taken her to the doctor because she has been eating, drinking and happy. I am pretty sure I’ll just be told “it’s viral, give her Advil, it’ll pass” because if it was an ear infection or something, she would be in a lot of pain by now. But, her fever hit 104.4 last night…so we are going to the walk in this morning. I hate the walk ins, and so does she. Our doctor is only part-time and does not take emergency visits, so I cannot make an appointment. It will be 1-3 hours or more of waiting, in a loud and germy waiting room, with a restless toddler who hates waiting rooms. Doing that to be told “it’s viral, give her Advil, it’ll pass” is awful.

3) Charlotte has been sleeping badly due to her fever, which means I have been too. I am tired and stressed. I was exhausted already since I never really recovered from last week…and now it is just piling up and I am in a permanent state of being tired and grumpy.

4) I moved my Tuesday and Thursday short runs to Monday and Wednesday this week…I was planning to spin this morning and do my long run tomorrow. I have taken 2 rest days in a row right now (which I never do…but since I had hit my runs already and was so tired I let myself). Now, I cannot spin this morning (due to sicko) so unless I do something later today…it will be 3 days without exercise. I know that wont make or break more or anything…but I never go this long without exercising unless I am too sick to get out of bed, so it bothers me. Maybe I’ll be able to do my long run this evening and Yoga tomorrow morning? Only if I get a nap at some point today though!!!

5) My new piercing is really aching. It is not infected or anything, no problem really. It is just that the rook is a big bit of cartilage so it is a tough one to heal (I had heard it was easy since it is isolated in the ear and away from everything. Now that is it done, I hear it is a PITA to heal!!). It felt okay the first few days…but now the entire upper ear is swollen and tender. Ouch. Luckily, my helix and tragus on my left ear are pretty well healed and pain-free right now…so I can use that ear for sleeping and the phone.

On the bright side, it is September. So here are some good things:

1) It is a long weekend.

2) Zoë is back at school Tuesday,. The summer has been getting great…but she is getting bored. Camp is done, Adam and I both work, and she has had enough of spending time with the nanny and a 2-year-old, and her grandmothers. She needs to be around her peers again, and get her mind working again. She loves school! Grade 3! Wow!

3) I ran 89.6km in August (that’s a record for me)!!! I also kept up my 3-4X a week yoga practice, took one hip hop class, one salsa class, and spun 3 times. No wonder I am so tired. I may have to cut down the cross training a bit as I get farther into my half-marathon training…which I have heard is common. I am also gonna have to really let go of worrying about speed, and just focus on distance. I have never run more than 10k before…but next weekend I’ll have to, and I wont be able to do it unless I slow down and take it very easy.

4) I tried on my fall clothes, including my skinny jeans, and they all still fit great. I have no reason to think they wouldn’t…but I don’t really weigh myself anymore, so I need to go by clothes to make sure I am staying in good shape and I was a bit scared of things like my skinny jeans. My summer clothes are all light stretchable fabrics and/or looser fitting.

5) My ears look pretty.


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