One sexy shoulder?

I have made one concession to fall today, and I’m wearing the red sweater I got off the clearance rack at The Gap. I love this sweater and got the same one in blue! For the picture, I have uncovered one shoulder (sexy, aren’t I?) and lifted one leg to show that I am still rocking bare legs and bare arms.

Today I am driving to a town called St. Catharine’s, near Niagara Falls. I hate this drive. The reason I hate it is because I am supposed to go over a big big big bridge. I am terrified of this bridge. Luckily, I have discovered a way to avoid the bridge. I always give myself a lot of stress though, convincing myself I’m going to confront my fears and go over the bridge, and then avoiding it at the last minute and feeling like a loser for giving into my fear and avoiding the bridge and adding 10 to 15 minutes to my drive. I wonder if today will be the day I go over the bridge? Probably not.

UPDATE: I told myself, both ways, that I would take the bridge. I didn’t. I did take this pretty picture of the bridge while I was waiting for the lift bridge I took instead to lower.


One thought on “One sexy shoulder?

  1. hi jill – we passed by st. catharine’s last year during our canada trip. we visited niagara falls that day and also stopped by the town of niagara on the lake (pretty). we were stopped at one of the locks (forgot the number) and it took forever for the ship to pass through.

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