Awesome running stuff…

Sweaty-bands. I have been reading about these headbands for  while, but hesitant to try them since every other headband I have used has either been too tight and given me a headache, or been too loose and slipped around.  Yesterday I saw Sweaty-bands at The Running Room, and decided to buy one. Wow!!! They are light, loose and comfy…however due to the velvet backing, do not move! I haven’t used one for running yet (tomorrow) but did use it for spinning/yoga today, and was very pleased.

Spi-Belt. I know I told you about this before, but not so much since I have been using it. I love it!!! It is the perfect size for my iPhone (and a couple other small things if need be),  does not bounce, and it seasy to get in and out of on the run. Now, I am not longer a slave to only wearing running bottoms with the right sized pocket!!!

Lululemon Speed Skirt. So cute, and does not ride up. Bought on clearance, of course!

Old Navy Shorts. Cheap, cute, and comfy. No longer online, but you may find them on store on the clearance racks!

Lululemon Cool-racerback. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but cannot stop singing the praises! The only tank I can wear for my entire run in heat, sun and humidity.


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