After a week of feeling sorta sick and achy, on and off, I finally went to the doctor today (after peeking in my throat and thinking I could see some pus). She looked in, confirmed that there was pus, and my tonsils and glands were swollen. Luckily, I caught it pretty early (I don’t think I have had strep since last week..I think being tired and run down led to it) so hopefully it wont take long for me to feel better. I felt so-so when I went to the doctor, but it always gets worse before it gets better and I now feel pretty  yucky. I am so upset to have to miss Yoga, since one of my favorite instructors just started Monday night class again recently. Oh well…hopefully after another dose of clindamycin and a good night’s sleep I will feel better in the am.

In better news, I finally ran more than 10k last night…11.26 k to be exact, which is 7 miles and took me 1 hour and 20 m inutes. Phew…it was hard, but not that much harder than a 10k.  Hopefully I’ll be feeling up to tomorrow’s “short” (7.2k) run tomorrow!



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