Reasons this week has sucked

1. Lots of headache inducing weather.

2. Diva time.

3. My body is not liking running so much. I am losing a toenail, and I always ache from my feet to my hips. Last night I ran 3 miles (5k). It should have been 5 but I was achy all over, slow and just not feeling it so I quit short. Normally 3 miles would be a perfectly reasonable evening run…but since I am training for the half and following a schedule and was supposed to do 5, it was a failure. Anyways I have the Zoo 10k race Saturday morning, so hopefully I’ll be ready for a great run then…but still.

4. People keep getting sick, and dying. I should go to a funeral today, but due to scheduling issues I could not resolve, cannot. I am sorta relieved since I hate funerals, but also feel badly that I won’t be there for my friend.

5. I just found out Zoë will not qualify for busing next year. This is because in grade 4 the bus boundaries change. Walking home alone is not an option for her. It is a 1.5k walk, 90% of it on a main street where there are no houses for her to get help, etc. I am so upset. We live at 248 xxxxxxxx road. If we lived at 252 xxxxxxxxx road, she would get bussing until grade 8. As it is…at grade 4, she is done. They have always allowed such kids to take the bus, if there was a stop that accomodated them, but not anymore and I have heard that they plan to be very strict about it…so although I am obviously hoping they will turn a blind eye and let her on the bus, I am not counting on it. Luckily, Adam passes her school on his way to work at the right time, so at least mornings are not a problem. But after school is a big worry. I am sure we’ll figure it out, and it is still a year away…but…stress.

6. Facebook keeps changing. Stop that!


Good stuff (positivity matters, right?)

1. It is Friday.

2. Zoo run is tomorrow.

3. I look cute:

Shoes and cardigan to be added.


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