Lotsa black

I have court today, so I wanted to dress nicely. I have, however, been feeling extra bloated lately I guess that’s because I’ve been extra hungry! Not sure why, maybe it is all the running, but I’ve been craving lots of food recently. And no, I am not pregnant! Anyways, that bloated feeling requires careful dressing. I decided to wear the always slimming ever black. I did break it up with a gray tank top though, and some multicolored pearls. I’m quite pleased. I am also adding some pictures of my face, and eye. Because I like the way I have been lining my eyes lately. I’ve been adding some black at the outside corner, inside the lid, to darken it up and add some impact. I think it really works well with my short dark hair. Sorry for the psycho looking face pic. My iPhone just does that.





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