That’s right, I finished!! My chip time was 2:24:02. Since my (loose, really I just wanted to finish it running) goal was 2:30, I am very pleased.

The day was cool and windy, but the run heated me up enough to throw away my hoodie a few kilometers in. I paced myself very well (filled the first hour of my playlist with only slow songs, then mixed them up with faster ones) and felt great until about 15-16km (and I passed my friend, who lives close by and came to cheer me on, around 10k and again 15k…so watching for her kept my mind occupied. I even texted her. That’s right….I texted while running a half marathon. What am I, 16?). After that, I sorta kept thinking to myself things like “what the f*ck did I get myself into?”, “I cannot do this!” and “no f*ucking way am I ever running a marathon!”. I pumped the music though, found some Prince to really push me at the end, and made it the 21k without a second of walking!! However, I repeat, “no f*ucking way am I ever running a marathon”!!

As for another half, people are already asking, and I just don’t know. I am REALLY GLAD I did this one…I set a goal and met it and am super proud of myself. I don’t doubt I could do it again…I am just not sure I will want to. I did not enjoy all the running (and sacrificing of other fitness endeavors) that went into preparing, or the way all that running made my body feel. If we lived in a warmer climate I’d probably enjoy doing another half in a few months…focusing on speed now that I have the endurance built. But since there are no local halfs again until spring, and I don’t plan to run nearly enough through the winter to avoid having to practically start from scratch again…I doubt I’ll do another. I’d rather sick to 5-10ks, maybe even a 10 miler. Enough to both challenge and motivate me to stay in shape, keep running, get faster…but short enough to not really require more running than I am comfortable with. However, who knows? This time last year, I was not sure if I’d ever do a half. Here, and here!

As for now, I am exhausted and achy. I hurt so much…hips to toes and everywhere in between. Hopefully some Advil, a hot bath and yoga tomorrow will have me good as new soon!

Adam took some pics, but I gotta upload them from the camera…so later. I was thrilled to be handed this when we met though:



On a sad note, I just found out a 27 year old man died. I HATE those stories…so sad, and scary. You just never know.

On a funny note, Adam and I could not find our car in the huge downtown parking lot! Eventually the parking lot manager took pity on us, and drove us around until we found it!


4 thoughts on “Phew

  1. Awesome!!

    I was just thrilled to get through my first 5K.

    Dh said it took him longer to claim his checked baggage afterward than it took to actually run his half marathon. It was a bit of a zoo at the end!

  2. Oh yeah, it was crazy at the end. I had to meet Adam at the friends and family zone (he has no cell phone so I could not text him to connect somewhere less busy….grrrr) and it took him about an hour to get there from the finish line!!!!

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