4 nights no booby

Charlotte has not nursed in 4 nights!!!! She dropped her naps recently, and has been going to sleep a bit earlier and easier. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night she fell asleep while I was at yoga or spinning. Tonight, she asked to nurse before getting her pajamas on. I told her, as always, that she could after she got ready for bed. By then, I was downstairs making tea, and she fell asleep before I got back up. She has only ever gone 2 nights before…by the 3rd night she would always keep herself up and wait for me no matter what. 

It is bittersweet since I do still like nursing a bit (the snuggling), and I was expecting to nurse her until she was 3, and then make more efforts to wean her…but I am hoping she is done and plan to try and be busy when she falls asleep at night for the next while. I have been irritated often by nursing lately (because her latch is awful and she just cannot seem to fix it anymore) and 33 months is long enough!

Of course, this post could backfire on me and she could insist again tomorrow night. Oh well though…at least I got a 4 night reprieve from the fangs, and I guess the more nights she goes without, the closer she is to being done!


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