Hallowe’en-ish tips and toes

I have been seeings ads and displays for Crackle Nail Polish for a while, and ignoring them since I think it looks stupid. However, Zoë and I were browsing today and she made the request, so I bought some Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat in Fractured Foil. Never one to miss an opportunity to try something new, I gave it a spin over the China Glaze Haunting polish I got recently, I love dark polish in the winter.

Th Crackle was easy to apply…the trick is to apply a thin coat. A thicker coat will not crackle as well. I am not sure the look is really for me, but I suspect the sparkly polish will be a pain to get off, so I’m planning to leave it for a while, at least until Hallowe’en since it does seem to have a bit of a dark spooky look

I painted my ties with the Haunting on its own. Since half my toenails are already black, it just made sense! A nice Hallowe’en touch for yoga in the morning!


One thought on “Hallowe’en-ish tips and toes

  1. Love the crackle effect! Very cool… My nails are the reverse of yours. I used the quick dry Sally Hansen in silver and then some other brand’s crackle polish in black on top of the silver. Looks cool. I have the silver one too but my daughter (she’s 11) hijacked it.

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