My Closet…my car…my eye

Someone asked me today how I organize all my clothes. I felt like my answer made a worthy post:

My closet is organized by style, fabric, sleeve length and colour. I have a long closet (not walk in, which would be my dream!)

Short sleeve tops, short sleeve sweaters, 3/4 sleeve tops, 3/4 sleeve sweaters, long sleeve tops, long sleeve sweaters, short sleeve tunics, 3/4 sleeve tunics, long sleeve tunics, dresses. Skirts, jeans, and trousers are organized accordingly on multiple hangers. All clothing colour-blocked light to dark left to right. My camisoles are on a special rack. Sports clothes, socks, tights and pajamas are on hanging shelves. Bathing suits, loungewear, leggings and handbags are on the top shelf of my closet. I have a shoe organizer for my bra and panty sets. Off season clothes are in boxes under the bed or the far corner of the closer (organized by the stuff I will wear sooner to the stuff I will wear later-for example heavy t-shirts I will wear in late winter and early spring are closer to my current wardrobe, sundresses are farther in the corner. The boxes have the stuff that will be worn sooner on top) if it is stuff I think is better off hung. Off season shoes and boots and dress shoes are in my upstairs closet. In season shoes and boots are on the shoe rack near the front door.

I purge often. Anything I have not worn in the past season, I do not keep for the next season (unless it is something like dress clothes, that I did not wear because I did not have an event). As soon as something is too big on me, or starts to look worn, it is gone. I keep a big bag in my closet for charity / hand me down-ing.

In other news:
A present for myself!

Imagine my horror to discover my eye looks like this?!? After some research, I’ve determined it to be a Subconjunctival hemorrhage. Ugly, but harmless and should go away soon. In the meantime, at least I can scare people!!


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