Last week, some good friends and I went to the National Women’s Show. I had a great time, and got a makeover at Inspire cosmetics.

I didn’t think it was so awesome, but it did remind me of one of my long-standing but recently forgotten obsessions…professional looking make-up application. Especially on my eyes. I love the way professionally made up eyes look, and am so jealous of women who can have their eyes look awesome everyday. I’d love to have a lesson and may one day. Anyways, recently I’ve mostly just been doing naturally shadowed eyes with smudgy liner and a darker color along the base. fine…but nothing professional about it. So tonight, after eying a bunch of videos and diagrams, I gave it a go:



Not perfect, but I think I am getting there. The good thing about this obsession is…it’s free. I have loads of eye-shadow and liner to play with, and a genrous collection of brushes and sponges.


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