I have not updated in a while, I guess I have just been busy and tired. I am not sick anymore, but I am still on antibiotics and they do tend to make me a little tired and queasy, and also I have very vivid dreams when I’m taking antibiotics. I sleep okay, but I don’t feel as rested because my mind seems to be going faster when I have these kind of vivid dreams all night long.

Talking about sleep, I got a sexy new pajama set at Walmart for $20 yesterday. Do you like it?

In other news, well, I don’t really have anything. Life keeps chugging along, and so do I. I’m spinning more now, and running a little bit less. I did get two runs in last week though, and both of them were around 10 minute miles. That is all I am hoping for these days!

Tonight, I am hosting my first ever clothing swap. I invited about 30 people, and am disappointed that only two are coming. Maybe two more. A lot of people said they were busy, and I assume that some are, but I also think some are waiting to see how it turns out, and some are not coming because of their size. Which is unfortunate, because the more people of various sizes that come, the better it will be. I did invite people of all sizes, and include accessories. Oh well, I am sure myself and my two friends well have fun, and get some new clothing out of the deal. Maybe if we post lots of awesome pictures on Facebook, when I do it again in the spring, it will be a huge success! I will post pictures here too…


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