Funny Girl (I’m crushing)!!

I just read Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me ? (and other concerns) by Mindy Kaling.  That is weird for me. I very, very rarely read books by celebrities. Honestly, I usually just don’t care what they have to say. I like celebrities to entertain me…on TV and in Movies, as the characters they portray. I really have no interest in what they have to say off screen, and kinda sorta resent that they make so much money, and then write books, that become best-sellers, and make them more money…not because of how they write, but because of the fact that they are rich and famous. If Robert Downey Jr. ever writes a book, I will buy it, and sleep with it…but I digress.

I think the only celebrity book I have read before IEHOWM(AOC) was Forgiving Troy by Thom Bierdz…it sounded interesting (his brother killed his mother, after all).

I don’t know what led me to read Kaling’s book. I have always liked her character, Kelly, on the office…but that isn’t really a factor (see paragraph one). I sorta recall it was a combination of factors:  it was relatively inexpensive on Kindle, has good reviews, and I somehow read an excerpt of it…and bought it!

What I knew about Mindy before reading the book was limited: She appeared to be Indian, is on The office, and is pretty. I cannot say much more that I learned about the big details of her life, except that she is also a writer and director on The Office, went to Dartmouth, has a brother, and loves her parents. But I learned a lot of little things. Mostly, that she is as funny as the show she writes (that I LOVE). Also, she and I, oddly…have a lot in common. 

Here are some things Mindy Kaling and I have in common (and had in common before I read her book. I didn’t do any of it to be just like my new idol/famous girl crush):

-A lot of similar growing up and dating and friendship experiences ( I also injured myself diving, but it was on a school trip and not at camp)

-A shared love of shopping

-A collection of stupid pictures we have taken of ourselves on our phones

-an ability to joke about things that should not be joked about (though she is famous and can get away with it. I, on the other hand, live in constant fear of getting fired or universally hated for my inappropriate sense of humour. I recently lost a dear FB friend to my shitty sense of humour.)

-A habit of listening to embarrassing trashy dance music and inventing detailed fantasies to pass the time while working out.

-A similar body type (and attitude about it)… just a bit too big to be “thin” when in shape (both size 8!), and always sorta but not really struggling  to meet that “thin”  ideal that we know we are just are not built for and not willing to sacrifice all things yummy, forever, to attain.

A blog, mostly about stuff we buy or want to buy.

Yup, that’s right. We are practically doppelgängers. She even says all her closest friends are Jewish. That nails it. If she lived in Toronto…was a few years older…and was…umm…not famous and hung-out in the suburbs and therefore had a reason to meet me and chat me up…we would be besties for sure.

So, in conclusion, read her book. I bet if you do, you’ll be thinking, “this girl is just like Jill…except funnier, prettier, younger, and more famous!”.

How cute it she? Gush…Giggle.


One thought on “Funny Girl (I’m crushing)!!

  1. you know, this is a book i want to read! i’m glad i saw your post…i’ll wait til it goes mega on sale/used on amazon. i like her character on the office and she was hilarious in ’40 year old virgin’!

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