It took some soul searching…

but I am gonna do the Toronto Women’s Half Marathon on May 27!!!Yeah!!!

In my typical obsessive fashion, I have given this way, way too much thought!! After my last (and first) Half-Marathon, I was not so sure I wanted to do another one, because of how miserable the last few weeks of training were. But, the high of completing a half-marathon out-weighed the few weeks where the training was really rough (mostly just boring. Running 30 miles in a week, all of them alone….boring!) and by the day after, I was sure I would do it again. Then came deciding which, since I knew I would want it to be a different one. I really like the route and reputation of the Good-Life…but early May? No way! I do not like running in the worst of winter weather, and really want to be confident that most of my training can be held off until March or April…so being ready for an early May half (I have done a May 1st 10k and that was rough enough) just seems wrong for me. Then I looked at Toronto Women’s, and was all “Eh, why do spring at all? Too hard”, so I thought I had committed to the Glen Angus. Last week though, I was talking to a friend of mine who is an avid experienced runner (she has even run a marathon) she reminded me the sooner I do it, the more muscle memory I’ll have form the last one (even if I am not running as much, my body remembers the training, and can do it more easily.). She also reminded me how awesome the Toronto Women’s Runs are…and they are. I have done a 5k and a 10k in the series, and loved them both. They are full of spirit, and awesome in that they are not downtown but in an enclosed park, and there is parking!!! So, yesterday, I just did it. Registered for a spring Half-Marathon. I am a bit scared, but remind myself:

1) It is the end of May. I have already done a 10k at the beginning of May (after being sick all of March that year), so…I’ve got this!

2) Worst thing in the world? I have to stop and walk a bit, until I get my groove back and finish it running. It wont kill me! (I tell myself this before every race. I have never walked in a race yet except after I fell, but giving myself permission to do so makes it much easier, emotionally, to get myself to the starting line).

My fundraising for last year’s runs was very minimal. This was because I did so many, I didn’t know which to fund-raise most aggressively for…so I just didn’t.

This run, I will be.  Because POGO is a fabulous charity, and because I am planning to do less races this year…as I am sorta bored of doing the same ones over and over, and am more into other types of exercise now (like spinning and Yoga). Obviously, I still love to run and plan to keep it up, but I don’t want to once again register for so many races that I feel like every exercise moment needs to be devoted to running. Also, races are expensive and I am on a budget! It was worth it the first 2 year of running, since they ensured I stay in shape and keep running. Now, being active and getting regular exercise is such an important and  unquestionable part of my life, I no longer feel like I need to the motivation of a race looming ahead of me to keep it up.  This half-marathon isn’t for motivation, but the experience. Doing it once was so awesome (afterwards!) I want that feeling again.


2 thoughts on “It took some soul searching…

  1. wow you are awesome!!! i’m sure you will rock this race!!! and maybe even do a full marathon at some point!! (I can totally see this on the horizon!!!)

  2. Maybe Dina….I can sorta see it, but not really. I am sure I COULD do it, physically, if I did the work…I am just not sure I have the time or motivation to do double the training that goes into a half-marathon! I am sure the feeling after a full Marathon is awesome though!

    There is a 5k at the same event where I am doing the half. You should do it!!!! It was my first ever 5k, and the TWR are fabulous events. Very organized, great volunteers, lots of swag, and not a PITA to get to and form like the downtown ones.

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