Okay. Some solid, specific resolutions

Because maybe it’ll help me out with the resolutions I failed at last year:

1) Call my friends and family more…not just rely on e-mail and texting to stay in touch, since it is not the same.

2) Have dinner, coffee or drinks out with friends (not work friends, who I eat lunch with often) at least once a month.

3) No credit card for anything but gas, online  registrations that require it. No online shopping (unless I truly cannot get something  I need at the store-then I must transfer the money form my account to my CC). If I do not have the money, and am not willing to get myself out to the shop to buy it, I do not need it.

4) 100 squats and squat variations a day, even on “rest” days. I want to have a great looking back-side, and strengthen my thighs.

5) Upper body work at least 3 times a week. I want a great looking upper body to match.

6) No internet between 7-9pm on weeknights, unless I am home alone for some reason, or it is something I am doing with my family (online games, net-flix movie together, etc…). Also, no internet surfing on my phone during dinner. 


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