I suspect…

I’ll probably be blogging a bit less in the coming…weeks? Months? Years? Forever….

No big reason, I am just not sure what to blog about these days. Wish lists are fun, but since I am trying to shop a  lot less, I browse a lot less as well. Which also means less “new clothing”, “new accessories” and “new cosmetics” pictures to show.  My weight-loss and exercise progress is what is is right now. I am on track…but not in a place where I want it to be all I talk, think and write about. That gets tedious and boring for all. Also, less time on the internet needs to come from somewhere!

Not to say I won’t be around at all. I am sure to find and do things I just have to share…I just plan to blog a little less and do a little more (with my family, exercise, cooking, reading).



2 thoughts on “I suspect…

  1. Hopefully I’ll read more soon! I haven’t read very much this past year compared to usual! Exercise, NetFlix and enjoying music in the car have all cut into my book time. I should review more books though…

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