Back to work on Monday, Id rather be sleeping

So, I said I would not be blogging much anymore, and then the last few days have been full of blogging. Oh well, sometimes I lie.

Today I am wearing a sweater I got very, very, cheat at Urban Planet. I don’t buy much there for myself, but I do grab some layering pieces like tank tops and leggings sometimes. I go with Zoë, who loves the children’s store attached. Anyways, for $10, I think the sweater looks cute.

Turquoise and gray eye shadow to match the sweater.

One thing you want not be seeing much of in the next few months is earrings. This is because I got a new piercing! Nothing fun or funky. My bottom lobe piercings, that I have had since I was six years old, were not even. They have not been even in a long, long time. Its really bothered me, because the left hole was much lower than the right, and when I wore big stud , there was skin showing all the way around the right , and no skin at the bottom of the left. Over my break I finally went and got the left one re-pierced, about 2 mm higher than the original hole. So now I have to wear the piercing earring for a couple months before I can change it. Of course, I am wearing a matching earring on my right side. I am showing a picture, if you look very closely you can actually see the original hole, just a tiny bit below the earring.






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