Grey, black and purple

I have dressed for court today in black tights and boots, a gray skirt from Joe Fresh, a purple tank top, and a black Banana Republic sweater. I tried the outfit with a black tank first, but it looked way too dark! It was probably more slimming and flattering, but I like the pop of color that the purple provides. Coordinating eye-makeup, of course!



My new piercing is called a conch. I don’t think I mentioned it here, but the rook piercing I got in the summer had to come out. It was healing beautifully until I switched it to a ring, and then the weight of the ring started making it migrate too close to the surface. I changed it back to a bar, but it was too late and if I didn’t remove it, it would’ve broken right through the skin! I loved that piercing, and was planning to wait for it to heal and redo it. I got tired of waiting though, and decided to try something new. Because I like the look of a piercing in the middle of my ear, I went with this one because it has a similar look. Everyone thinks it looks very painful, and I must admit that I was scared it would hurt to have a piercing go right through the thick cartilage in the middle of my ear! It didn’t hurt though, no more than any of the others. I had a friend with me who video taped, and you can see this I do not even flinch, and say afterwards that it didn’t hurt. I will try to link to the video when I am not on my phone.

Yesterday two people asked me if I like piercing for the pain. I have read about people that are into the pain, but that is not me at all. If I could be promised that there would be no pain involved, I would probably have more piercings! I definitely do not like the pain, but I also do not find it significant enough to stop me from getting the piercings that I really think look pretty and want to have. But actively seeking pain…not for me!

As usual, I’m slightly embarrassed to be getting a new piercing at my age. I know people think these are for the young! Again, I don’t really have much of an explanation for it…except that I sincerely think it is pretty, and if I don’t do what I think looks good now, then when? The older I get, the more ridiculous it will be! I may already be 38, but I am still youthful looking, and can carry it off better now than 10 years from now! Of course, I will still have them then…but in 10 years I can say “Oh I had this done years ago!”, as I now do about my nose ring, and my navel ring on the rare occasion that somebody sees it!


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