What rejection looks like

Because I was googling it a lot when it happened to me…trying to see if it was indeed rejecting. Hope to help future “rook piercing rejection” googlers!

The fresh piercing, see the thick layer of skin over the bar, and how the bar comes from the bottom of the ridge of skin?:

Piercing as it is being rejected. It has migrated close to the surface (the weight of changing from the bar to a ring started this process) and the bar now goes just under the surface of the skin…you can actually see the metal under the skin it has gotten so thin. A little longer…and it could have popped right through, which would likely leave a not so pretty scar…or at least looked ugly while it healed. It also seems like it would be painful…but I didn’t feel the migration, so maybe not:

P.S. that is not gross yellow gooo coming out of my ear, just a trick of the camera! I swear! I am very picky about visible ear-wax, it is never tolerated.


3 thoughts on “What rejection looks like

  1. Yeah, from what I have heard rook rejection is not that common, since it is a ridge of cartilage. Mine was healing so well..and as soon as I switched it to a CBR, it started aching and migrating. I switched it back ASAP, had the ring maybe 1 day…but that was all it took!

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