The bird purse!

This one:

Lady in picture is not me, unfortunately...


I went back to Winners after posting it here on Thursday, and looked all over (even in the housewares side of the store, because Winners is like that), but it was gone. I was scared to leave the store, knowing it must be hiding somewhere waiting for me…but knew eventually Adam would wonder why it took me over an hour to buy milk…so I gave up.

Then, yesterday, I passed (using a creative and scenic route home from work) 3 Winners. None of them had it.

On impulse, I stopped at the store I first saw it, and there it was, right where it should be (on the edge of a rack of clearance outerwear) shining like a beacon, calling my name.

42 minutes in line, and then, it was mine!!

Won’t it look great with jeans and solid coloured tops (which I wear often)?

p.s. I saw an old lady coveting it in line. I convinced myself she was a very, very hip old lady…eyeing it for her even hipper daughter. Maybe grand-daughter.


4 thoughts on “The bird purse!

  1. What a cute bag! So, how much was i

    Winners is equivalent to our Marshalls stores here. One of my friends just got back from Canada and got a really good deal on a belted sweater dress ($10!).

  2. It was 40$.

    We have Marshall’s here now too…same owners, just like Winners!! I don’t even know why they bothered, actually!

  3. i was so excited, i forgot to type the “t” in “it”.

    Wow,$40 is a bargain! such a darling bag – blue with the tiny birds! lovely! looks like you could fit a lot of stuff in there!

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