Is it lame…or awesome!!!

I have never been into warm outdoor jackets before, since I have never spent much time outdoors in the winter. Last year I got a cheap puffy jacket for a school trip…and was surprised how much I liked the style. This year I am much more outdoorsy and skate, walk, etc…out-doors much more than I have in years past. Also we are planning a trip here is a few weeks.  So I wanted a newer, nicer, not falling apart, sporty, warm, outdoor jacket (with a hood), but waited for the sales.

I got this.

But it is solid charcoal grey. Here:

It is super cute, very flattering, warm, waterproof, and has a nice hood and the long sleeves with thumb holes. It will be perfect for skating, walking, etc..and isn’t too puffy or bulky (which is not a look I like). It was 45$.

Is it too young for me? Is it lame because I do not snowboard? Or ski (although I would like to go X-country skiiing this or next winter)?

p.s. The main reason I chose it above the other one I was considering was I needed a size L or XL in the Roxy…and the one I got fit me in medium…which made me happy. That most certainly is lame…but since this one was also 15$ cheaper…it’s okay!

p.s.2. I really love this one, but could not find it at a decent price in my size (I found it at a decent price, in an XS, which is decidedly not my size).


2 thoughts on “Is it lame…or awesome!!!

  1. that is a cute jacket! i like how it fits closely to your body and is not baggy or big.

    and not, the style is not too young at all. heck, i’m older than you and have sported that thumbhole sleeve look. :)

    i just bought a columbia fleece hoodie with thumbhole sleeves for our upcoming trip to portland, or. i got one for my daughter too (but hers is in a diff’t color).

    the ironic thing is that it doesn’t get that cold in san diego so i won’t be wearing it too often, but i wanted to have something for our trip.

    have a great time on your vacation!

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