Hello Henrietta

It’s been a while since I first laid eyes on you, but you were unavailable, you tease. I’ve never forgotten you. I’ve kept my eye on you. Watching. Waiting. Knowing that one day the time for us would come. I realized recently that there was no more waiting, that our time was now. Today, I found you waiting for me, upon my doorstep. It was a wonderful moment. Now you are mine forever, my lovely Henrietta.



5 thoughts on “Hello Henrietta

  1. LOL, they were a gift to myself. After eying them for over a year and watching them go from around 300$ to 40$…I had to grab them.

    I want to save them for next fall (I actually did that last summer, bought a pair of shoes I have coveted all summer on deep discount in September, and have not worn them), but it will be hard!!!!

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