Flash of produce related brilliance

One ingredient I really love to add to food is onions. Onions taste so good in soups and stirfries, and add no fat or calories, but a lot of flavor! In the past, I always had a hard time keeping onions. They just seemed to be something I always run out of. Actually, they were something I usually found in the back of the fridge turned into a pile of mush with a quarter or so sliced off.

A few weeks ago, I had a brilliant idea. I was chopping part of an onion to make soup, and instead of wrapping the rest and popping it in the fridge like I usually do, I chopped it all. Then I put it the unused portion in one of those Tupperware-type containers, the kind that are supposed to keep things fresher longer? I will try to find a link. Anyways, it worked out great. For the rest of the week, whenever I wanted to add onions to something, I had a handful fresh and already chopped. I now do this every week after I do my groceries, and I always have onions on hand.

A great idea, if I may say so myself. Try it! I think I’m going to start doing it with peppers next, they are something else I always let go bad before I finish them, even though I love them, because I never feel like chopping them during the dinner rush, and then forget about them.



One thought on “Flash of produce related brilliance

  1. that is great idea. At WW they suggest doing that with all veg so that you have them on hand for a quick easy snack. In my WW heyday I did do that…but not so much anymore

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