A vs. K

Yesterday, while watching the Grammys, I was chatting on the Internet in a bulletin board. Someone asked if we would rather have Adele’s voice, or Katie Perry’s body. I found this interesting, so I posted the question on my Facebook wall.

Most people quite clearly indicated that they would prefer to have Adele’s voice to Katie Perry’s body. A few people said they would rather have Katie Perry’s body, but most of them said they would rather have Adele’s voice. A couple also questioned what was wrong with Adele’s body, I guess wondering why it would be put up against Katie Perry’s body. Even though it wasn’t, her voice was put up against Katie Perry’s body. I never said anything about Adele’s body one way or the other. A few people indicated that Adele’s body is beautiful and perfect the way it is.

The truth is though, and I know it’s not politically correct, Adele does not have a great body. She is beautiful, and she dresses well, and she has definitely lost some weight in the past couple years, possibly due to her throat surgery. But she does not have a greatly desirable body. That doesn’t mean I think it is unattractive, I actually don’t think large bodies are less attractive than small bodies. That is all what something looks like, and I can see beauty in curves. I do not really think I look more attractive now, from a purely visual point of view, then I did two years ago. But I know by Society standards I do, and I do value that. I value looking good to the people I meet when I leave the house, not just to myself in the mirror. So getting back to Adele, from a societal standard and health point of view, Adele’s body is not ideal. It is not as desirable to most people is Katie Perry’s body, whether or not anyone wants to admit it. We all know that is true.

I did not answer the question myself, but I would choose to have Katie Perry’s body over Adele’s voice. I know that’s probably wrong, because having a beautiful singing voice is something that can change the world, and make me lots of money. I guess it comes down to what I want. I have spent most of my adult life lamenting not having a great (or even “normal and not overweight”) body, and wanting an ideal body. I have absolutely no great talents, and have never spent more than a random moment feeling bad about that. That is not a put down by the way, there are a lot of things I am good at. There are some things I am very good at. There are a lot of things that are good about me. But I just don’t have any awesome talent; there is nothing that I am so good at that I would ever be widely recognized for it, or paid for it in a superstar way. I am fine with that.

I guess to me, it just stands to reason that I would choose the thing that I have tried so hard to attain for so many years, over something that is never even occurred to me to have, want, or miss.

Really though…I want J.Lo’s body. I would take any singing voice better than mine.



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