Valentine’s day

I use to always have a negative attitude about Valentine’s day. When I was single, I felt like it was there to torture me. Since marriage, it has not been much better. Adam is not one for big romantic gestures and fancy gifts…and Valentine’s Day has always felt sorta like a letdown to me. Add in a miscarriage on Valentine’s Day 2008…and eh.

I have been trying to be more positive about it these years though. I am lucky to have a lot of love in my life, and Valentine’s Day does not have to be only about romantic love. It can be about appreciating love, wherever we have it.

I know, in my life, I am far too often too overwhelmed and busy and distracted by…life…to spend time letting the people in my life know I love them in anything but the most routine (Muah! Love ya!) ways.

So, have decided to be positive about it. To appreciate a day meant to show and celebrate love!

Interestingly, Valentine’s Day is not what people think it is. It is not a Hallmark Holiday made about lovers to sell gifts, nor is it (anymore) a Catholic Holiday that is about martyrs and has nothing to do with love.

It was a Catholic Holiday in the early years AD, but by the 15th century (long before Hallmark or any other commercial greeting cards) it became a celebration of romantic love, including exchanging gifts, letters and tokens of love.

In 1969, The Catholic Church removed it from their official Calendar…so now…it is a secular Holiday.

(thank Wikipedia!)

I see a lot of FBers (okay only a few but loud ones) lamenting that people only show their love on Valentine’s Day…and that it sucks. I guess that is unfair. I think people show their love everyday, in lots of small ways. But romantic gestures? Eh. Who has time for them after years of marriage, kids, and all the things that we all fit into a day. Taking one day to devote to love doesn’t mean sincere love inst there all the other days, even if it is not expressed in a big way.

So, I say…down with the haters. Let’s all celebrate love. We all have it!

As for my Valentine’s Day. No big gifts or gestures here…just time and effort. Love is, after all, about people…not chocolates or flowers or gifts. So I had lunch with my husband, I’ll have dinner with him and the kids (and make their favorite, Chocolate Chip Pancakes), and skip the gym to enjoy all the love in my home tonight



and because my nose wont stop running…


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