Long weekend whine

So I am now going onto day 5 of feeling like crap, and this time it is just not getting better. I am sorta okay when I take lots of Advil and Tylenol…but even then not really…still always tired and weak. It just helps the fever and headache.

Today I realized my most recent symptoms (stuffy achy head, dizzy, fever, weak all over) seem like a sinus infection. I am not prone to them and did not realize it until someone suggested it and I googled the symptoms (generally, unless my tonsils are pussy pus covered and/or my throat is sore, I assume whatever I have is viral and will run its course). A sinus infection needs antibiotics. I wish I still lived in Korea, where pharmacists give them out.

But Adam was at work, and I had to take Zoe to a birthday party and occupy Charlotte, so I couldn’t get to a clinic. Adam finally got home just before 4:00 so I went to the one around the corner that is open to 5:00 on Saturdays ( all the others are 3:00 or 4:00) but they put their sign up that they were not taking patients just as I walked in. I felt so defeated I sat in my car and cried. Now, unless I wake up tomorrow miraculously having reason to believe it is not a sinus infection (like, no more fever or pressure) I have to go again tomorrow. Which means feeling sick longer. I was really hoping to get on antibiotics today and start feeling better and salvage some of the long weekend. Now, the best I can hope for is feeling better just in time to return to work Tuesday.

I know I am such a baby about being sick. I just HATE how I always seem to get these lingering sicknesses. I only get sick a few times a year…but when I do it is always the same…a cold/flu that lingers on and off for weeks and ends up as some kind of infection (usually my tonsils…but I have been gargling salt water and hydrogen peroxide like crazy since I got sick to avoid that and it seems to have worked, believe me I know when they are getting infected!)…and then I end up sick for a month or so. I know it seems like my fault since it has been almost 4 weeks until I decided to go to a doctor…but the last 3 episodes were short, a day or two, and clearly improving, and they just felt more like a “cold” than this. This time, the nasal congestion and runny nose are not bad, it is the dizziness and weakness and fever that is killing me. Also, my yearly physical was 2 weeks ago…I was recovering, and she looked in my ears and throat and checked my lungs and glands and I did full blood-work…so it was just a cold then.

Adam got the cold last weekend. A running nose and low fever for 2 days…fine ever since. Grrr.

On the almost bright side, I did stop at the Health Food store with Charlotte for more Oil of Oregano and got this on impulse. I still have a fever…but the congestion and stuffiness has cleared a lot (after a few minutes of AGONY) so at least I feel a bit better. Or I did until
I got turned away at the clinic and started crying.



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