A Yoga achievement

Something kinda neat just happened. As my readers know, I haven’t exercised (even gentle yoga) since last Tuesday, due to a bad cold I have been battling for weeks. I was exercising through it for a few weeks…but decided maybe I needed to rest more since I could not get rid of it.

This afternoon I started feeling energetic and restless (24 hours after starting antibiotics…coincidence) so I decided today to do some yoga at home…since resting is not helping me at all. So I did some sun salutations and a warrior flow, and then decided to work on some of the poses I struggle with…arm balances…and full wheel. Amazingly, I did them all! Crow and side crow came easily to me (I held both for the longest ever), and I finally got off the ground (for a second) in flying crow and tip-toe…two asanas I have never gotten to “lift-off” before. I also did my easiest and longest wheel yet. I guess a week off helped me somehow. Either my muscles benefited from the rest, or I was so happy to be exercising again it gave me extra oomph! I’d post pics…but I was alone…and in my bra and panties!

I hope exercising a little hasn’t hurt my health any. I doubt it…resting wasn’t helping, after all. I certainly feel more cheerful…


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