Happy Family Day to me :(

So yesterday, I was still feeling gross so I went back to the clinic and waited for about 2 hours…exposing myself to God knows how many plaques. Eventually I saw the doctor, who said he thinks the congestion has gone to my lungs, and I have a sinus infection, and prescribed amoxicillin.

It is odd, last night (and even the night before) I felt a lot better and was hopeful that I’d turn a corner in my sleep. Then, I woke up feeling okay…but as soon as I started expending energy (making the kids breakfasts, taking a shower, etc) wham…weak and dizzy and hot and cold spells return.

Today we were supposed to go here, but now Adam has taken the kids, and I am home alone, again. On Family Day.

I am so sad, it is the last day of a long weekend and I’ve done nothing except sit in walk-in clinics, walk around drugstores, and take Charlotte to a mall for 2 miserable feverish hours. No fun with my family, no meals out, no yoga or spinning or going for runs.  Now, I am starting to worry about next week. I have work to do, and don’t even feel well enough to go to work as I am. I also really want to get back to the gym…besides feeling depressed and miserable without my endorphin rush, my 140$ a month membership is wasted if I don’t go to at least 10 classes a month…and I don’t want to lose my level of fitness (not worried about weight, I am not eating much anyways…but tone and endurance are another thing). Most of all though, I need my exercise high.

I feel shitty for feeling so sorry for myself when there are people in the world, people in my life, so much worse off then I am…suffering from cancer and other serious chronic illnesses. Which makes me more depressed.

I wish I could afford to spend the day buying pretty things online.


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