No grain, day 3

Breakfast: Scrambled egg with cheese, and a few spoonfuls of 0% Greek yogurt.

Snack: Skinny latte, apple

Lunch: Chicken souvlaki with Greek salad and potatoes.

Snack: Handful of pistachios, part-skim string cheese. ETA: Another skinny latte

Dinner: Went out for Thai food with Adam. I had mango salad, vegetable and lemongrass soup, various tofu/ veggie/ fish curries and stir fries. Adam also had rice and spring rolls.

So far this has not been hard at all. The only problem I had was the first day. I did not bring lunch and wanted to grab drive though on my way to the office after a meeting, but had no idea what to get. In the end I went to a sit-down place instead of drive through, and got take-out (same as today’s lunch, different place)…so it was fine…but I was STARVING by the time I decided what to do. I am now making sure to have more nuts and fruit in the car for such occasions. No idea about my wight though. I will weigh (on my Wii fit, which is far more reliable than my bathroom scale, and did confirm I lost about 5lbs in the last few weeks) myself on the 1 week day…next Wednesday.

IN other news, I hate this time of year! I don’t know why, but I always feel crappy late winter early spring. Weak, tired and head-achy. I’ve had several migraines in the last week, and am feeling so grumpy. It isn’t due to the carb thing BTW…started before then. It happens to me every year, an then I block it until the next year. Of course, it is the worst time for me to feel like this, since Adam works Saturdays and I am on my own after a long week of work, and it is when running season begins and I need to get out and run, even though I really don’t feel like it.

Oh well…May always comes, right?


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