No Grain, day 6 (sucks!)

First, I would like to say…this sucks:

So I lost 5lbs the few weeks I was limiting grains. But in the almost 1 week since I have been off grains, there has been no change in my weight, and I feel and look bloated. I also feel less energetic, but that could be because I have strep! I think I may be eating too many nuts/cheese. Unless there is a significant change in my weight or how I feel…I plan to return to grains after this 2 weeks, however be more mindful of portions and having whole grains as much as possible. I MAY extend the challenge to 1 month just to be sure, but so far I am seeing no huge change except that I really miss things like sushi!

As it is, I am not finding it hard to eat, at all, just discouraged because I haven’t felt great or lost weight.

Also, when I was minimizing grains, my…output… was fine…but since going off them, I am finding I am getting bloated and crampy a lot. Then after a day or two, I will have a BIG moment. I am used to being more regular and don’t like this. Today after I got dressed I looked HORRIBLE. I am not joking. My tummy is so bloated, the top I was wearing (which I wear often) was skin tight on my belly, even with a control camisole, I had to change.

This is so depressing. WTF? I am not avoiding sugar, but I am not substituting grains with a bunch of sugery snacks either. Then amount of sugar I am eating is pretty well the same as always…flavored yogurt once a day, sauces on meat or fish a few times a week…etc. What I am eating more of is fruit, nuts, and cheese (part skim). Is that fat doing it? Or the constipation? Maybe the salt from the nuts? Maybe AF is coming (It is very random when I am on the Mirena)?

I know cutting sugar as well would make a change but…frankly…I don’t want to! I don’t eat a lot of “junk” and sugar (maple syrup on fish, flavored yogurt, sweet dressings, FroYo) is what makes the things I am eating palatable. Since I am not at a point where it seems essential to me to lose more weight, further elimination is just not something I wish to do.

If I come out of this challenge fatter, I am gonna be so pissed. I knew I might not lose weight, or might lose a bit and gain it back…but I never thought I would get fatter unless I replaced all my grains with bacon wrapped cheese, potato chips and ice cream, which I have been mindful not to do. I am sure Thai food Saturday night was pretty fattening, but besides that, I think I have been okay, and 1 meal should not make or break me!

Ugh, enough wining. My day:

Break-fast: Fat-free Greek yogurt smoothie with banana, blueberry, strawberry, and 1% milk

Snack: handful almonds, part skim string cheese

Lunch: Firm tofu and peppers stir-fried in ginger/sesame sauce

Snack: Handful pistachios, another part skim string cheese

Dinner: I made a butternut squash and red pepper soup I’ll have.


2 thoughts on “No Grain, day 6 (sucks!)

  1. I totally feel you! It’s so frustrating when you are trying to do the right thing but it seems like it is back firing. Have you considered the fact that you might be detoxing? I know that when I had to go gluten-free, I experienced a crazy 2 weeks of bloating, sleepiness, and fuzzy thinking. Maybe even tone down on the dairy and adding more veggies? You know your body best so I am definitely not trying to offer unsolicited advice {and if this seems so, just ignore me} I just want to encourage you since you are having a difficult time. Hope this helps. Much love! xo, Cara

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