Update on short-term grain free living!

I am feeling much better now! I am sure the strep treatment is helping. In addition I realized I was having too much coffee (which always makes me feel worse after I feel better when I am sluggish or sick) and not enough water, so I now make myself have a mug full of water before every cup of coffee, which is increasing my water consumption and half the time once I’ve drank the water I’ve forgotten all about the coffee! As a result of the increased water I have more energy, my bloat has gone down, as has my hunger which is good as I have been snacking (mostly on nuts) way too much.


2 thoughts on “Update on short-term grain free living!

  1. water is really a cure all for so many things. i often find if I”m feeling gross and bloated it is because i haven’t had enough water and get plugged up! Also try unsalted nuts- they are less addictive and keep water retention/bloating down. I often snack on almonds but they have to be the raw type and i count out either 6 or 12 at a time.
    i heard Dr Oz say that drinking a glass of water before a cup of coffee is very important to help reduce sluggishness- so you are really doing the right thing!
    Glad you are feeling better!

  2. That’s neat to hear DIna. I just did it by instinct, figured forcing myself to drink watrer whenever I hit the coffee maker (which is next to a sink at home and work) was a good way to force myself to drink more water!!

    I should count out nuts…to limit them…maybe thats next. The 2 week nut counting experiment!! I eat them mindlessly when they are around…

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