Friday and Saturday snaps

Last night, Adam showed off his sense of humour upon returning from the wine store. It was pretty good!

I got a new iPhone camera app, with a timer. I set it to take pictures every 10 seconds while I practiced Yoga this morning, in addition to making a video so I could watch myself and my form. The video is not suitable for sharing!. Most of the pics were at a bad time and showed nothing, or showed a bit too much boobage…but I like the Pigeon one! I am considering starting a tumbl’r site for yoga pics!

Hit the mall with small person. I tried on two tops at Dynamite from clearance. I liked them both, but only bought the butterfly one.


I also bought some new sunglasses. Because I lost my last pair, and wearing the free ones I got form clearly contacts is just wrong. I grabbed these Oakleys on clearance at Sunglass Hut. I like them…and I have heard  polarized is good…but it is weird how it makes my iPhone look prismatic.

I decided to make a crust-less quiche today, and throw in some spinach in the name of health.


I used the leftover spinach for soup…that I am pretty sure nobody (especially including me) will eat.



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