No grains, day 11…and other stuff. Too lazy to post more!!!

Break-fast: 2% Greek yogurt, handful pistachios.

Snack: apple, handful almonds.

Lunch: 7 layer dip (on a spoon), Caesar salad, cheese peeled off the crusts of Charlotte’s pizza.

Snack: A handful of popcorn. Handful pistachios. 1 bite of a gluten free cupcake (don’t know what the wheat was replaced with, and was very curious how gluten free tastes…so I had a tiny nibble. It seemed okay, but I honestly had such a small bite I could barely tell).

Dinner: Stir-fried tofu, peppers and green beans.

Dessert: A few spoonfuls of reduced-fat tiramisu filling I prepared it for Zoë’s birthday tomorrow, I reserved a cup for myself without lady-fingers for myself.

What I didn’t eat (at a cousin’s 2nd birthday party it wasn’t easy with all these yummies!) :




More party pics:



Random yoga pic (me working on split sage. You cannot see it, but I’m holding the big toe of my raised leg. I need to work on straightening and looking up): Removed because I just realized the pic is a bit…exposing. I’ll try it again in leggings!!!

In running news. I ran my first “long” (in quotes because it wasn’t really long, just longer than my short runs and longer than I’ve ran since late October) run this morning. 4 miles in 43 minutes, and Zoë ran the first mile with me! I remember when I was training for my last half, I had a hard time letting go of my speed goals for my long runs. Feeling the same today! I’ve gotten accustomed to 10 minute miles, so this seemed really slow to me, although of course between having Zoë with me the first mile, and running longer than I’m now accustomed to (and in the morning, I always run better later in the day) it was it be expected, and as my long runs get longer, I’d best get used to them being slow!!

Anyways, I’m glad to say week 1 of training is done, I’ve hit my milage, and I feel great and am totally enjoying running again!!!


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