No grains, day 14. Broken!

Break-fast: 1 slice spinach and part skim cheese quiche, handful almonds. Snack: 2% Greek yogurt, apple Lunch: side Greek salad, veggie souvlaki Snack: more almonds,part skim cheese stick Dinner: Ttok-bok-i That’s right. I broke it one meal early! I had fully intended to make squash soup for dinner…but when I went to get Zoë from […]

Who is Henry Thoreau?

I fell in love with this bracelet, by Foxy Originals and sold at Spynga, months ago. The one I originally wanted said “We are all of us stars, and deserve to twinkle”, a Marilyn Monroe quote, but I stalled and eventually, that one sold out. Then, 3 were left: The one pictured above, “Once you […]